Dominio del Urogallo

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Cangas del Narcea, Asturias
People: Nicolás Marcos Vicente, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


Dominio del Urogallo 2015 'Fanfarria' Blanco, Spain (Cangas) Login In Stock
Dominio del Urogallo 2015 'Fanfarria' Tinto, Spain (Cangas) Login In Stock

Nicolás Marcos Vicente is the man behind Dominio del Urogallo and a pioneer of Asturias. Balance and natural finesse define his wines, which at this time have no rival in Asturias.

Nicolás (Nico) is a fourth generation vigneron. Originally from Toro, Nico left his home for Asturias after an inspirational internship with legendary vigneron Alain Graillot in Crozes Hermitage. Because of his time with Alain, Nico’s palate changed to love less extracted, aromatic, and delicate wines. It was a revelation that shifted his priorities. Toro was no longer the region that could produce the wine profile he wanted to achieve. In Asturias, specifically Cangas del Narcea, Nico saw immense potential. In Asturias, Nico found world-class grapes that can deliver incredible natural wines.

Asturias is a region famous for its ciders. However, the winemaking history goes back well over 1,000 years. Cangas del Narcea is a subregion with steep slopes and a cool climate; it is reminiscent to the Mosel and Ribeira Sacra. The soils are similar as well: slate, quartzite and anthracite. Add native varieties and old vines (Nico makes wine from some of the oldest vineyards in Asturias) and Cangas del Narcea becomes a wonderfully unique terroir.

Making wine in this neck of the woods is anything but easy. Viticulture is arduous and many winemakers in this region are shaking their heads at Nico’s more natural approach. Nico farms less than 20 hectares scattered throughout Cangas. No pesticides are used, and biodynamic methods are in full effect, where appropriate. Nico is instinctual versus dogmatic and encompasses the necessary pragmatism that brings the heart of natural, vinous Asturias into a bottle of wine. His conscientious approach extends into the cellar where he vinifies each parcel separately, allowing the wines to ferment naturally with indigenous yeast, and does not use chemical additives including sulfites.

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