Azores Wine Company

Country of Origin: Portugal
Location: Archipelago of the Azores
People: António Maçanita, Owner & Winemaker


Azores Wine Company 2015 Arinto dos Acores, Pico DO Login WA 93 DEC 90 In Stock
Azores Wine Company 2015 Verdelho o Original, Azores IGP Login WA 90 WA 92 In Stock

The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is about 1,000 miles off the coast of Portugal and is home to a winemaking tradition that dates back to its colonization in the 15th century, wherein viticulture was introduced by Franciscan friars. This group of islands is home to a singular terroir and microclimate, one that draws close comparison to the island of Santorini. Like Santorini, the Azores are volcanic islands comprised entirely of black basalt. Pico, the main wine producing island where these vineyards are located, has such poor soil that the vineyards need to be supplemented with soil from neighboring islands to support vine growth, and even with that, the yields are a fraction of what they are in the rest of the DOC. Additionally, the vineyards are grown in tiny plots (2-6 bush trained vines per square) protected on all sides by small walls called “currais” to ward off the strong winds that blow in from the nearby beaches.

Dynamic winemaker Antonio Maçanita is based in the Alentejo, but wanted to explore this unique terroir because of his family’s history in this area – his father is from the Azores, and he wanted to pay tribute to this heritage. The Azores Wine Company is a project to reclaim the lost vineyards of Azores and save varieties that were on the brink of extinction.

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  • Azores Wine Co. 2015 Verdelho o Original, Azores IGP
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 90 (4/1/2016)

    The 2015 Verdelho "Original" is unoaked. It is simply gorgeous at the moment, fragrant, fresh and crisp, with fine purity of fruit. The juicy finish is both succulent and delectable, but the underlying crispness seals the deal. This may hold longer, but it will do what it does best when it is young and fresh, no matter how long it theoretically lasts.
  • Azores Wine Co. 2015 Arinto dos Acores, Pico DO
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 93 (4/1/2016)

    The 2015 Arinto dos Açores is unoaked. A potential blockbuster for those who like their wines crisp and fresh, this has big acidity, but fine fruit as well. It shows good concentration, tension on the finish and a certain sternness early on. This is just a bit unevolved as of yet. It actually needs some time to settle down. It was impressive enough to make me lean up a bit just now. Drink the Verdelho (also reviewed) first, but give this a year or so to settle down. An interesting note: Winemaker Antonio Maçanita said that this is not the same Arinto as what appears on mainland Portugal, but that it is a cross between Verdelho and Sercial.
  • Azores Wine Co. 2015 Arinto dos Acores, Pico DO
    Rating: 90 (9/1/2016)

    Fragrant honey aromas add depth to the tropical fruit notes on the palate. Fresh, vibrant and with a mineral, mouthwatering finish. A great advert for the rarely seen wines of the Azores.
  • Azores Wine Co. 2015 Verdelho o Original, Azores IGP
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 92 (10/28/2016)

    This has much more concentration than its predecessor, the 2014, along with fine acidity. There is also a steely, somewhat metallic nuance on the end, but that does fold into the whole with aeration. Overall, this has become simply beautiful. It deserves an uptick both in score and drinking window.