Kiyomi Okinawa White Rum (80 proof)

Kiyomi Okinawa White Rum (80 proof)

Item Number: 16950

UPC: 4-589891960526

Country: Japan
Region: Kyushu
Sub Region: Okinawa Prefecture
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Sugarcane molasses
Type: Spirits - Rum
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 6
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 40

Kiyomi means "pure beauty" in Japanese. This rum was carefully crafted in the city of Nago on the island of Okinawa by Helios Distillery. The rum is made from local sugarcane molasses that is fermented for three weeks then distilled in a copper pot still. The sugarcane enjoys mineral-rich soils and a tropical climate, giving the rum a mineral and saline character.

Appearance: Pure and transparent
Nose: Sugarcane juice, delicate sweet and saline aromas, pineapple, hint of smokiness
Palate: Round, flavors of lime, basil, honey, white tea, candied lemon
Finish: White pepper; bursting with goodness