Pra (500ml) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic), Veneto

Pra (500ml) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic), Veneto

Item Number: 15105

UPC: 8-032601850267

Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Sub Region: Veneto
Estate Grown Wine: Yes
Grape(s): Grignano Olives
Type: Food - Olive Oil
Bottle Size: 500ml
Pack: 6
Closure: Screw Cap
Viticulture: Certified Organic

Location: The Grignano olive groves are located in the Morandina area of Val d'Illasi at 450 meters above sea level and the Ponsara orchard in the Soave Classico region.

Harvest: Harvest happens in late October. Harvesting is manual to guarantee the integrity of the olives.

Production Method: Cold extraction occurs within 12 hours of harvest. Continuous mechanical pressing happens in two phases (no water added). The oil is filtered.

Tasting Notes: A clear, bright green color carries the scent of aromatic mountain herbs: hops, dandelion and nettle. On the palate, the green note of vegetables and herbs stands out, accompanied by a slightly bitter note, primarily almond, and a pleasant spiciness. These notes are offset by good fruitiness. The oil is balanced and quite versatile; enjoy with fish, carpaccio and cured meats, vegetable soup and legumes, tomatoes in every form, or on some simple toasted bread.