Hebess Cool Imo (Sweet Potato) Shochu (40 proof)

Hebess Cool Imo (Sweet Potato) Shochu (40 proof)

Item Number: 11127

UPC: 0-084391082258

Country: Japan
Region: Kyushu
Sub Region: Miyazaki Prefecture
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Sweet Potato / Rice / Hebess
Type: Spirits - Shochu
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 20
Viticulture: Practicing Organic

Hebess Cool is a spirit distilled from imo (Japanese sweet potato) and infused with hebess, an exotic citrus fruit closely related to yuzu. Hebess is indigenous to the Hyuga region in Miyazaki, Japan. Whole hebess fruit is rendered into a powdered form utilizing a proprietary freezing technique and then blended with imo shochu to make this unique and stylish shochu.

Tasting Notes: Hebess Cool is bright, aromatic, opulent and refreshing. It possesses the mild flavor of sweet potato shochu and the fresh aroma of hebess.