Finca os Cobatos

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Monterrei, Galicia
People: Mendez Family, Owners & Winemakers


The Mendez family of Pazo do Mar purchased the Tapias Vineyard and created Finca os Cobatos in 2006. The winery, Pazo das Tapias, is located in the middle of the vineyard. Planted in the early 1980s, this vineyard is one of the oldest in Monterrei. It encompasses 10 hectares planted to the white grape Godello and the red grape Mencía.

Two different soils make up the Tapias Vineyard: a sandy slope planted to Godello contains quartz, which reflects and magnifies the sun's rays, resulting in concentrated fruit. This soil drains well and is resistant to phylloxera. The other portion, where the Mencía grows, is composed of sedimentary soils, which contain a mix of clay, quartz and sand.

The Monterrei D.O. is the youngest in Galicia. It benefits from a high average of sunny days per year. Indeed, it is the warmest and driest appellation within Galicia. It is situated 400 to 600 meters above sea level and has a continental influence.