The Marigny

Country of Origin: USA
Location: Willamette Valley, Oregon
People: Andrew Reginald Young, Owner & Winemaker


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Started as an outlet for St. Reginald Parish to explore the more easy drinking styles often associated with the natural wine movement, The Marigny has grown into its own identity, continuing to look to the future of wine "for the people" while keeping it’s focus on highly intentional farming, zero intervention in the cellar, and low-to-no SO2 in the final wines.

Andrew (Andy) Reginald Young has been making The Marigny wines since 2015 with the hope that fun, quality, natural wines could be on everyone's table, in everyone's neighborhood, every day of the week. Vineyards are managed sustainably and organically by a crew that you can count on your fingers. Each fall, Andy and maybe one other person take a year's worth of farming and process it without any additives or additions.

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