Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Monterrei, Galicia
People: Jose Luis Mateo, Owner & Winemaker


Candea 2016 Tinto, Monterrei DO Login In Stock

Candea, meaning “simplicity” or “purity,” is the newest entry level offering from José Luis Mateo. Initially conceived as a “declassified” set of blends as a use for extra fruit, Candea is an ongoing project unto itself. The goal behind these wines is to offer a clear picture of the special terroir of Monterrei as only Jose Luis can – but at a price point that is approachable for a wide array of wine lovers, from the casual every day drinker to the serious oenophile. As proprietor of Quinta da Muradella, José Luis has been singlehandedly responsible for the codification and ascent of Monterrei, bringing it from an area best known for bulk production to one of the epicenters of fine wine production in Galicia. It is his dream and his tribute to his home that drives the ethos of his wines – indigenous varietals, minimal interventionist winemaking, and exalting terroir over all else. It is this drive that has catapulted Jose Luis into international recognition as one of Spain’s finest growers and winemakers. His wines are a beacon for those who seek clear evocation of place and an unadulterated look at this very singular terroir.

The Monterrei Terroir: The region of Monterrei is situated in the southern part of the province of Ourense in Galicia, and is within a large bowl that forms a valley running from north to south along the Tamega River, which feeds into the Douro. This part of the Galician interior has characteristics in between both the Atlantic zone and the Continental, with humid parts and areas that can reach extreme temperatures. It is furthest from the Atlantic Ocean, and its yearly rainfall is below average compared to other regions in Galicia. These inland continental conditions result in a drier, warmer climate than western Galician regions. One can find grapevines planted from the valley floor or middle of the hillside slopes all the way up to the high mountain areas, which can show a steep grade. The altitudes range from 360 meters (1,100 feet) in elevation all the way up to some vineyards in the mountain zone where they can reach 850 meters (2,800 feet). The western part (left bank of river) of the region has the oldest geology, with a granitic substrate, and the eastern part (right bank) is comprised of slates and clays with a presence of iron in the subsoil. There is evidence of viticulture in the area from before the Roman era, although during that period is when it grew to sizeable presence. Today, Monterrei has the most vineyards planted in all of Galicia (with +3800 hectares!), but most of the production goes into bulk wine.