Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Fara, Alto Piemonte
People: Gilberto Boniperti, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Boniperti 2020 'Rosadisera' Vino Rosato Login AG 89 In Stock
Boniperti 2018 'Barblin' Colline Novaresi Barbera DOC Login In Stock
Boniperti 2018 'Carlin' Nebbiolo, Colline Novaresi DOC Login In Stock
Boniperti 2017 'Barton' Fara DOC Login In Stock
Boniperti 2018 'Favolalunga' Vespolina, Colline Novaresi DOC Login In Stock

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Instagram: @bonipertivignaioli

Our friend and Alto Piemonte advocate, historian, and winemaker Cristiano Garella introduced us to Gilberto Boniperti in 2018. Cristiano has been making wine in the region since his teen years; he knows pretty much everyone and has connected us to many of the producers with which we represent today. He insisted we meet and taste with Gilberto to understand the relatively unknown Fara DOC subregion of Alto Piemonte.

A small dog excitedly greeted us when we arrived at the tiny Boniperti winery attached to Gilberto’s parents home in Barengo. Gilberto came out to welcome us with a huge smile. We were told on our trip that many industry people don’t visit Fara, yet alone stay more than 1-2 days in all of Alto Piemonte (we were there for 4-5 days). Maybe it was that fact, maybe it wasn’t, but it seemed as though Gilberto had genuine excitement and pride that we were there from Chicago to spend half a day with him. He spoke little English, so Cristiano translated most of the conversation that day. What struck us, though, didn’t need a translator—Gilberto is talented, passionate, hardworking, and making a name for himself by producing fresh, acid-driven, texturally gorgeous, and expressive wines. We placed an order that day!

The Facts
Gilberto Boniperti is the 3rd generation to work his family's vineyards. In 2003, he replenished his grandfather Barton's vineyard to start this estate winery. Today, Boniperti owns 3.5 hectares: 4 vineyards situated at 820 feet above sea level and bordered within a small area of about 4 square kilometers (2.5 miles). Vespolina, a small patch of Barbera, and of course Nebbiolo are planted. The vineyards are worked by hand with organic practices. The vineyards are all in the Fara DOC, which is relatively flat compared to other Alto Piemonte subregions. Fara is also the warmest subregion, producing juicy, ripe wines. Boniperti's wines are particularly fresh and fruity; this is due to the high percentage of sand in his soil as well as his minimalist touch in the cellar.


  • Boniperti 2020 'Rosadisera' Vino Rosato
    Rating: 89 (6/3/2021)

    The 2020 Rosadisera, a varietal Nebbiolo, mixes smoky with sweet, as crushed stone gives way to rosy florals and, finally, crushed apple. This is pliant and round in feel, as a piercing wave of bright acids and sour citrus cuts through its fleshy textures, leaving salty minerals and hints of nectarine to linger long. The cheeks pucker with residual tension. Finishes with medium length.