Barbara Ohlzelt

Country of Origin: Austria
Location: Kamptal, Lower Austria
People: Barbara Öhlzelt, Owner & Winemaker


Barbara Ohlzelt (1 L) 2018 'Gruner Leader' Gruner Veltliner, Austria (Kamptal) Login In Stock

Barbara Öhlzelt is a relatively unknown winemaker in the Kamptal that is turning the region’s paradigm completely on its head. Her production is focused largely on the two classic grapes of the region: Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. She offers a compelling, refreshingly unique take on what this historically significant terroir has to offer.

Championing lesser-known sites since 2004, she eschews textures and winemaking extremes in favor of linear focus and quiet, simmering intensity–she’s like if Weiser-Künstler were suddenly dropped on the Danube. These are racy, delicate wines of purity and energy, and are exactly what the next chapter in the story of Austrian should be.

Vinous 2/2016
"Barbara Öhlzelt’s strong performance in the challenging 2014 vintage confirms that her diminutive Kamptal estate is deserving of international attention. 'There wasn’t much fruit,' she observes, 'but what there was, was largely healthy, to the envy of many of my neighbors'—a claim one is not tempted to doubt after tasting the wines (which I did twice)."
"For many centuries he belonged to the princely tables and in every kitchen. Verjus, the green juice from unripe grapes, had long disappeared from our recipe books. Winemaker Barbara Öhlzelt has been producing Verjus from the grapes of her Kamptaler winery since 2007 and is thrilled. The fruity-sour juice contains no alcohol and is versatile in the kitchen. It gives dishes a fruity-elegant acidity and can replace lemon and vinegar wonderfully."

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