Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Aichi Prefecture, Chubu
People: Isamu Naito, Director


Kisosansen (720 ml) Niji No Shirabe 'Rainbow Aria' Junmai Ginjyo, Aichi Prefecture Login

In the Aichi Prefecture of Japan, three rivers flow together within the Nōbi Plain. It is a place of sun, rain and rich, fertile soil. Founded in 1826, the Naito Jouzou brewery sits adjacent to the Kiso River, the largest of the three, creating beautiful sake inspired by the land around them.

A traveling master toji used to produce the sake. Starting in 2011, Naito Jouzou has hired an in-house master brewer to oversee production. The result is a renewed focus on producing food-friendly sakes that help to enhance cuisine. To this day, the brewery still crafts sake utilizing old world techniques.