Tenuta delle Ripalte

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Elba Island, Tuscany
People: Ederle Family, Owners | Silvano Quattrini, Manager


The estate Tenuta delle Ripalte is a large property on the southern part of the Elba Island. Having more than 7 miles of coastline among beaches and coves, the estate represents two thirds of the Capoliveri County. It is located within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, and as a consequence, the estate’s agriculture policy is one of sustainability. They must preserve and protect the environment’s quality and its natural resources. Fertilization is achieved with organic composts and the practice of "green manure" (sowing of legumes between the vineyards, which fix nitrogen and are then buried during blooming). For plant protection, the interventions are based on an integrated approach, with minimal use of pesticides. Irrigation is not performed so as not to deplete the poor water endowment in the area.

Within the 450-acre property, the fifteen hectares of vineyards are all located over 180 meters above sea level. The higher elevation ensures better ventilation and protection from night moisture due to the proximity of the sea. The Poggio Turco Vineyard is planted with Aleatico. The perfect south-facing exposure of Poggio Turco is ideal for an excellent ripening of the Aleatico variety, which is the emblem of Elban viticulture. The area of Gorgaccio, with its east-facing slope, favors a morning exposure to the sunshine, which dries the grapes from the night moisture and protects them from the stronger afternoon sun. Gorgaccio consists of Vermentino and Alicante vines. The Pascoli Alti Vineyard is located at 300 meters above sea. The grapes mature with about ten days after the rest. Even in the warmest years, the white grapes from Pascoli Alti gain greater finesse and acidity. The soils are all of volcanic origin (metamorphic granite) with a remarkable mineral endowment. All the vineyards are fenced to protect them from the wildlife (hares, wild boars and wild goats), which is particularly attracted to the ripe grapes.

The current winery building was built in 2010; conceived and created by the famous architect and designer Tobia Scarpa. Simplicity, functionality and integration into the landscape are the three characteristics of this winery. The building has three levels and responds to the logic of transfer of products by means of gravity. The roof of the winery is a large terrace used for withering of the grapes. The terrace has a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding vineyards and of the coasts of the island.