H. Mynors

Country of Origin: USA
Location: California
People: Sean Minor Family, Owners | Sean Minor, Winemaker | Will Bucklin, Wine Consultant


"As my 9th Great Grandfather, H. Mynors, encouraged the family to venture to America in the early 1600's, Vinifera grapevines, those used for wine production, were first being introduced to the new world and planted in California. I am very grateful for both migrations." - Sean Minor

The H. Mynors brand name is a reference to Sean Minor's 9th Great Grandfather. The original spelling of the last name was changed to Minor upon arrival to America. The timing was coincidental to the establishment of vinifera grapevines, those used for wine production, on the West Coast. What better way to tie in the historical aspects of Sean's family history to the development of wine production in California and the Zinfandel variety, a grape that is steeped in historical aspects of "Old Vine" plantings.

The grapes for the H. Mynors Zinfandel are a combination of Sonoma, Amador and Lodi. All three are considered exceptional locations for producing some of California’s most acclaimed Zinfandels.