Country of Origin: Belgium
Location: East-Flanders, Belgium
People: Véronique Beittel, Owner


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Diep9 is an authentic handcrafted Belgian genever, the grandfather of gin. Diep9 Genever (pronounced "deep nine juh-nee-ver") inherits its name from the deep 500 year-old history of genever and from the nine botanicals immersed in its centuries-old distillation process. Founded in 1910 and located in Aalst, a medieval town in the East-Flemish country side of Belgium, Stokerij De Moor handcrafts Diep9 Genever from first grain to last drop. During World War I invading German armies stripped Belgian genever distilleries of copper stills and piping, melting down the metal for shell casings. This brought traditional genever production to a halt, almost ending a national tradition in Belgium. The distillery's founder, Frans De Moor, lost his life in 1914 when he refused to relinquish his copper pot still to German occupiers. He was executed in full view of the public on the town's bridge and stabbed with a bayonet to ensure his death. After seeing Frans De Moor shot and stabbed to death, his wife, Anna, rebuilt the distillery in defiance. Four generations later, Stokerij De Moor continues to handcraft genever from first grain to last drop, preserving the time-honored tradition of using copper pot stills, premium grains, and all natural ingredients.

Recognized for its historic and cultural contribution, Diep9 Genever was awarded the prestigious O'de Flander seal, a "Protected Designation of Origin" and equivalent of an appellation or AOC, guarenteeing an original grain genever crafted entirely in East-Flanders, Belgium from 100% East-Flemish grains.

"Exceptional." - Beverage Testing Institute

"Highly Recommended!" - Spirit Journal, Paul Pacult

"Eminently mixable and yet wonderful on its own, A rating." - Good Spirit News, Blair Frodelius

"Diep9 redefines genever in the US and sets a new standard for others to try to match. Highly Recommended." - Spirit Review, Chris Carlsson

"Sure there are other genever brands on the market. But they pale in comparison to the luscious quality of Diep9. I beg that you seek a bottle of Diep9. They are doing a historically correct version of our original gin." - Foodista, Warren Bobrow


  • Diep9 Young Genever (70 proof)
    The Tasting Panel
    Rating: 89 (5/1/2015)

    Clear and smooth; soft and smooth with creamy texture and light spice; balanced and lush.