Old New Orleans 'Gingeroo' Spicy Ginger Ale Rum Cocktail (20 proof)

Old New Orleans 'Gingeroo' Spicy Ginger Ale Rum Cocktail (20 proof)

Item Number: 6218

UPC: 0-651206000235

Country: USA
Region: Louisiana
Grape(s): Ginger Soda / ONO Crystal Rum
Type: Cocktail (RTD)
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: Flip Top
Alc by Vol(%): 10

Gingeroo is a premium, handcrafted, ready-to-drink cocktail, made in New Orleans with award-winning Old New Orleans Crystal Rum. They small-batch blend their rum with fresh and bubbly ginger soda and pure Louisiana sugar cane to create this super special and refreshing cocktail.

By Todd Price for Times-Picayune
"Old New Orleans Rum finally made the leap and released Gingeroo, a bottled rum cocktail that's been in the works for nearly five years. Gingeroo, which comes in a 750ml bottle with a swing top cap, starts with a base of Old New Orleans Crystal Rum. The distillery then adds fresh ginger juice, provided by the Ginger People, a pinch of cayenne, cane syrup and a splash of carbonation. It weighs in at 10% alcohol, which places Gingeroo mid-way between beer and wine."

By Anne Berry for City Eats New Orleans
"Sparkling and ginger-bitten, Old New Orleans Rum’s Gingeroo plays to cocktail’s leggiest trends: bottled, carbonated and small-batched. Uncap a Gingeroo, and in seconds you have a fizzy pour of fresh-juiced ginger and white rum made from Louisiana sugarcane molasses. This ginger-rum cocktail is feisty on the finish, fantastically refreshing, and a chill 20-proof."