Tequila Fortaleza Anejo (80 proof)

Tequila Fortaleza Anejo (80 proof)

Item Number: 4734

UPC: 7-502221968105

Country: Mexico
Region: Jalisco
Sub Region: Jalisco
Appellation/AVA: Tequila
Estate Grown Wine: Yes
Grape(s): 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber
Type: Spirits - Tequila
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 6
Closure: Cork
Alc by Vol(%): 40

Aging: 2-3 years in oak barrels
Distillation: Copper Pot still, twice distilled

Tasting Notes: Laid down for 2-3 years in oak, Tequila Fortaleza Añejo is worth waiting for! The color of unclouded imperial topaz with medium-bodied legs. The scents are rich and luscious: caramel, cinnamon, honey, nutmeg and a myriad of oak spice. On the palate the flavors start rich, sweet and soft in a creamy full mouthfeel; they range from supple agave honey to copious newly turned soil with wood sugars and spice articulating throughout. The finish shows bracing minerals and hints of baked agave. It is spirited and warming. It divulges the powers of patience and the brilliance of tradition.

Portland Examiner by Hoke Harden
"The result of longer aging in used charred-oak barrels, the Añejo is as much about the wood and oxidation flavors as the agave base; the caramel and butter and cinnamon and tobacco flavors are on an equal footing with the pure agave. Distinctive and impressive."

Men's Journal 2013
"Fortaleza is, to us, perfection."