Old New Orleans Crystal Rum (80 proof)

Old New Orleans Crystal Rum (80 proof)

Item Number: 4663

UPC: 0-651206000150

Country: USA
Region: Louisiana
Grape(s): Sugar / Molasses
Type: Spirits - Rum
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 40

Distillation: This rum is created by distilling sugar cane molasses produced from Louisiana sugar cane. Out of the still, the rum is blended and combined with the of a few drops of water per bottle, bringing it down to the standard 80 proof. Madagascar vanilla is also added to the batch to provide some smoothness and additional flavor to the product.

Tasting Notes: The rum is nearly crystal clear and has a strong vanilla note on the nose – which is to be expected. The vanilla is quickly followed by the scent of toasted sugar, and then the familiar scent of alcohol vapor. The alcohol scent is fairly mild, but expected in a white rum due to the short aging period. The initial flavor is sweet enough to almost be a syrup, especially in combination with the buttery texture to the body. The rum is very rich, with vanilla and toffee flavors all the way through to the finish. It is pleasant and seems to cling tightly to its Louisiana culinary heritage with a rich and buttery texture. It’s a completely different experience; takes any ordinary cocktail and makes it extraordinary!

About the Label: Every bottle of Old New Orleans Rum has an image inside its back label. The founder of Celebration Distillation is artist James Michalopoulos, and it is his wildly colorful and expressive architectural paintings of New Orleans which are featured. You might have to drink some rum before you can see the images, but getting there is half the fun!

Gold Medal in the 2008 International Rum Festival


  • Beverage Testing Institute
    Rating: 88 (6/23/2010)

    Clear. Aromas of creamy vanilla, baked banana, nougat, and lightly toasted coconut follow through on a round, silky entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with excellent smoothness and balance. Finishes with a touch of cane stalk, banana peel, and talc on the long, delicately spicy fade. A very smooth, clean, well crafted white rum