Piero Mancini

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Gallura
People: Piero Mancini, Owner & Winemaker


Piero Mancini 2014 Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Login In Stock

Despite already having a successful profession as a dentist, Piero Mancini never abandoned the family tradition and his own real passion for vine growing and winemaking. It all started in the 1960’s when he planted his first vines. Within a short space of time he found himself refining and adding to his expertise, whilst managing various important vineyards. 
As his passion for winemaking grew, so did the number of selected vines he was able to cultivate. It was clear to him that the all-important trio of climate-terrain-vine was the basis of creating grapes of the highest quality, which, at the same time, could encompass the characteristics and the uniqueness of the place of origin. 

Piero Mancini’s determination paid off; at the end of the 1970’s, the Piero Mancini Vineyard covered a total of 70 hectares in one of the most renowned areas in Sardinia: the Gallura Region. It was in 1989, when Piero Mancini realized his dream and inaugurated his own winery: Cantina delle vigne, opposite the gulf of Olbia. This meant that the company had become vertical, from grape production, followed directly by the vinification, to the final bottling process. 
Success was immediate. Piero Mancini’s business sense and his experience soon lead him to specialize in fine, high quality wines, which obtained the well-deserved success and earned their position amongst the top wines in the Sardinian market. Today, it is his wife, Marisa, and his three children, Laura, Antonio and Alessandro, who look after the company, each having a separate, defined role: Alessandro looks after the commercial and agronomy side, Antonio is the technician and administration manager, while Marisa and Laura are responsible for communication and public relations. 

Everyone at Mancini has inherited Piero’s passion for winemaking, and indeed, it is the family tradition and determination, that helps the company to grow and continue to improve the quality and quantity of the wines they produce.