Country of Origin: USA
Location: Sheridan
People: Local Wine and Spirits & Tad Seestedt, Owners | Tad Seestedt, Distiller


The Story—An American Dry Style Gin
Small's Gin is our 19th century sensible and charming American Dry Gin. In the days of Andrew Jackson Gin was the drink of choice, and during the wild and turbulent first decades of the birth of the United States people enjoyed a more robust and influencing style of spirits. Gins were made in pot stills and retained enormous flavor and texture. Seeds of social change were planted in the 1860's that had far reaching effects on our spirits industry. As the Civil War ravaged our nation the naissant women's suffrage movement was put on hold.

Over the next few decades the arguments for Prohibition were planted and lead to the blossoming and excruciating legislation in 1919, of the 18th Amendment, prohibiting the sales of alcohol. U.S. History shows that Americans will fight to get what they want and the 21st Amendment of 1933 repealed 14 years of legislation that barred the sale and consumption of wine, beer and spirits. To the 21st Amendment we say, "the people have spoken." Amen, they want their booze. We give to you the best of the best that you would have tasted before prohibition using ancient and time tested distilling methods of the early 1900's. This is where small batch started and small batch always tasted better. Cheers to the end of small minded people and to free flowing spirits.

We are excited to introduce an Oregon spirit handmade in small-pot still batches using naturally farmed and wild-grown botanicals. It is intensely aromatic from a complex infusion of juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, cardamom, angelica, caraway, star anise and raspberry. Inspired by events in our nation's rich and turbulent history, Small's combines recipes from the 19th century with obsessive distillation techniques and the finest regional ingredients. The best of tradition, dedication to quality and innovation come together to create a remarkable, elaborate and unrivaled spirit. The people have spoken.

What is American Dry? Local Wine and Spirits is spearheading a great new category in American gin. This category is "American Dry," and Local is defining this category as a unique expression of gin that differentiates itself from other styles of gin produced around the world. First and foremost “American Dry” gin is produced within the United States with American grains. American Dry gins are typically, but not exclusively, pot distilled, giving expression to their base grains and honoring the classic 19th century botanical expression of our distilling American forefathers. Thus an appellation of gin is born within the United States. 

Distillation Notes: They run their 300 gallon Pruehlo Cognac copper pot still each week to produce Small's American Dry Gin. The herbal and botanical infusion is seductively harmonized at 180 degrees condensing into the serpentine condenser slowly dropping its crystal clear heart of hearts spirit arriving in final form in the Small's Gin bottle. Native Oregon raspberries are added at the last moment in distillation to give a hint of the wild countryside. Small's Gin herbal infusion lasts approximately three weeks, and after the selection cuts, Small's is cold stabilized at 45 degrees Fahrenheit and filtered in order to preserve and maintain the highest quality possible. Distillery Information: The distillery is perched in the hills of North West Oregon where the slim line between man and nature keeps a balanced divide that reminds us of the beauty and struggle to tame the wild and craft exceptional spirits.