Pisoni Family

Country of Origin: USA
Location: Santa Lucia Highlands
People: Gary, Mark & Jeff Pisoni, Owners | Gary & Jeff Pisoni, Winemakers


Pisoni Vineyards is not just a place. It's a passion. It's where Gary Pisoni threw reason to the Monterey County wind in 1982, planting five acres of Pinot Noir in the Santa Lucia Mountains without a water source. It's where he challenged conventional wisdom again nine years later by placing own-rooted vines into the virgin decomposed-granite soil, rather than grafting them on phylloxera-resistant rootstock. Today Pisoni Vineyards consists of 45 acres of small vineyard blocks, each with a distinct soil type and microclimate. Perched at 1,300 feet on the southern end of the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA, the mountain estate overlooks the fertile Salinas Valley. The Burgundian-crazy founder and visionary of Pisoni Vineyards & Winery oversees all viticultural and winemaking activities. For over 20 years, this maverick has produced Pinot Noir grapes for premium California vintners, gaining recognition for his uncompromising practices and exceptional fruit. He and his two sons presented the first release of Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir in 1998 and introduced a sister label, Lucia, in 2000.

The Wine Advocate 10/2015
"Year in, year out, the latest releases under the Pisoni family’s Lucia label are not only some of the top wines I taste from the Santa Lucia Highlands, but also some of the greatest values I taste from all of California. Note, the Lucia label is used for everything other than their estate Pisoni Family Vineyard Pinot Noir, which is released under their Pisoni Family label."

The Wine Advocate 8/2013
"This estate is managed by the Pisoni Family, and high quality and realistic prices are the name of the game here. Year in, year out, these wines over-deliver. While 2011 was an extremely cool, long season, these wines have beautiful ripeness as well as clean, pure aromas and flavors."

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