Pagos de Nona

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Santiuste de San Juan Bautista, Segovia
People: Esmeralda Garcia & Jesús Hermida, Owners & Winemakers
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


“Pagos de Nona speaks to all that Verdejo and Bierzo can be, as a grape and region respectively. The first time I tasted their wines I became tearful, as the wines were not only brimming with life but also hope.” – Jill Mott

Esmeraldo Garcia and Jesús Hermida seem unstoppable. Their steadfast commitment to their regions and to Spain’s native grapes wafts from every glass. These are true and honest Spanish wines.

Esmeralda Garcia is an enologist while Jesús Hermida is an engineer, agronomist and viticulturist. While working for larger wineries and vineyards, the two bonded over their generational attachment to grapes dating back centuries and their adoration for rehabilitating family vineyards. They decided to leave their jobs and go back to their roots, back to nature and work the century-plus-old vineyards of their grandparents. Pagos de Nona was founded in 2012.

Esmeralda and Jesús work four hectares in Bierzo and four hectares in Santiuste, where their winery is located. They own almost all of the vineyards except a plot of 100-200-plus-year-old Verdejo vines that is in the midst of rehabilitation and currently not productive. They work the land by hand using biodynamic principles. These principles are carried over to the cellar. No chemical additives are employed in the vineyard or winery. Nada. These are naturally made, honest wines. They happen to be stunning too!

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