Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Cuenca, Valencia
People: Patrick Mata & Alberto Orte, Owners | Alberto Orte, Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Begonia (1 L) Sangria, Spain Login In Stock

For generations, the only way you could get the good sangria was through painstaking, time-consuming effort: someone’s grandmother or a tapas bar seeking out the best fruit, spices, and wine you could find, then steeping it for weeks until the perfect blend of sweet wine, juicy citrus and warming spices was achieved. Begonia is the product of that same painstaking labor.

Winemaking Notes: Juicy, fresh Valencian Bobal and Syrah grapes from the Cuenca DO have been macerated for months with Valencia oranges, Azahar flowers, and a mix of traditional Mediterranean spices and herbs. the best citrus in the world and Mediterranean cinnamon. No shortcuts have been taken, just patience. This is the real deal—authentic, premium Sangria, without all the fuss and waiting! Crack open a bottle today and enjoy the spirit of the Spanish summer.