Chapters of Ampersand

Country of Origin: France
Location: Jarnac, Cognac
People: Folke Anderson, Göran Wärff, & Cognac Tiffon, Owners | Folke Anderson, Master Blender | Göran Wärff, Master Glassblower


A thrilling unification of taste and vision, Chapters of Ampersand is the result of limitless imagination and a commitment to perfection. The skills of Master Glassblower Goran Warff and the skills of Master Blender Folke Anderson unite to create exquisitely blended cognac sourced from Maison Tiffon bottled in beautiful hand-blown vessels. This is a fusion of two unique expressions of excellence—spirit and glass brought together in timeless harmony.

Master Blender Folke Anderson has over 35 years of experience in the cognac and spirits brand. Folke Anderson combines his experience and skill with the heritage and tradition of Maison Tiffon and Master Blender Richard Braastad.

Since 1965, Goran Warff has worked for iconic Swedish glassmaker Kosta Boda and his pieces can be found in museums and galleries across the world. His work is symbiotically associated with the Master Glassblowers of the Transjo Hytta foundry. Although it is one of the smallest foundries in Sweden’s ‘Crystal Kingdom,’ it is acclaimed as one of the most advanced and experienced in the world.

Cognac house Maison Tiffon was founded by Mederic Tiffon in the town of Jarnac in 1875. Through a twist of fate, the house was taken over by a Norwegian, Sverre Braastad, and is still run by Sverre’s descendants. From their vineyards in the cognac districts Grande Champagne and Fins Bois and distilleries in Jarnac and chateau de Triac, Maison Tiffon continues to produce cognac of the highest quality to this day.

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