Teres Antique

Country of Origin: France
Location: Le Muy, Provence
People: Bernard Savatier with sons Martin & Matthieu, Owners & Winemakers


Teres Antique is a second label for Château de Rouët. These high quality wines are closely linked to the image of the château and are produced with great respect for the Provence terroir.

Chateau de Rouët is situated in the heart of Provence at the foot of the Rouët mountain range (red rocks mountains), a volcanic bar of red ochre, which is apart of the Esterel Massif Mediterranean coastal mountain range. The Mistral wind that cools the vines in the hot summer months is the same wind that stoked the great fire in 1927. The fire ravaged the mountains and threatened to destroy the Château, once the hunting lodge of the Marquis de V before he faced the revolutionary guillotine. To protect the property’s hectares of forest (sequoias, cedars, palm trees, bambus, cork oaks and pine trees) from future fire threat, vines and peach trees were planted in the fire trenches, where they still exist today. Since the Second World War, Chateau de Rouët has sold wine across France and abroad to great applause.